Superstar by Brenan feat Thai

Girl I know you want it,
I see the way you flaunt it
There’s no one else in this room
The way you fit in them jeans
Coming right out of the scene
I’m tryna leave here with you
You got the body of a goddess
I swear girl you’re the hottest
can’t nobody do it like you

Baby your a superstar
Wanna be where you are
Lovin’ the way you shine
Girl I wanna make you mine

Repeat Chorus
Superstar (4x)

You deserve the best
Shouldn’t be with nothing less
I’m everything that you need
Coming off a super high
Coming with a super body
You belong here with me

Repeat Chorus (2x)
Superstar (4x)

She’s sexy, classy, one of the finest
divinest making beauty look timeless
Red carpet roll out, chauffeur roll up
take a glance of life of super stardom
She look like a queen, better yet dream
better yet, something in between
Poppin’ the bottles of XO, inside the club
when the waitress walk by, you see; you light up
Everybody make way for you to walk right up
now it’s just you and me, looking down from above
Night goes on, the closer we get
look so fine, it’s picture perfect
Feelin’ me more with every single moment spent
hoping that this feeling will never end
High to the sky, she taking it far
a natural goodie, a born superstar

Repeat Chorus (4x)
Superstar (4x)

Repeat Chorus (2x)
Superstar (4x)

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