Smile by Delara

wish I may, wish I might
Have something to say
But no no no
This must be love

I tried to stay
Just a step away
Yeah, yeah, yeah
This must be love

I wrote my letters on the sand
I watched you burn away
Thought that this might break it up
And I’m sorry If I meant to hurt you
sorry If I meant to kiss you
sorry If I meant to love you

I tried to make it for the days
With you I’ll run away
Remember this day
That I swear to never leave you
Swear to be right with you
Swear to always treat you right


See you in a ray of light
Our shadows dancing
This must be love

Remember when I said
That this is to wreck now
But I know what to do
How to go on
If you have given up on me
Say that you won’t give up on me

Repeat Refrain except last 2 lines
Bass Solo

Smile, smile
And the pain will be gone in a while
…in a while…

Smile, smile

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  • Noli

    angaling m tlga miss lougee, luv u so mch…

  • qin

    nice song… i can just listen to it the whole day..

  • _bOnch

    nice song..I’ll never get tired listening to it.:)

  • hiyana

    i love this song.. i can relate to this song..=p

  • hope

    sino me chords or tabs neto? penge naman.. utang na loob.

  • pms

    Hi hope. I’ll email it to you.

  • meow ming

    OMG!!! Lougee ur d BEST!!!
    ganda mo talaga ever!!!

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