Pak Yow by Hookaps

Pak Yow is a sneak peak of the 12-episode web series the Prison Dancer: The Interactive Web Musical with online celebrity Mikey Bustos.

(Do the Pak-eee-Yow)
Manny Pacquiao is his name
He will punch you in your brain
You can do this like he does
When you put on your boxing gloves

Pak-yow! (4x)

Manny, Pacquiao is the best
You know, he can beat the rest
Sometimes when you touch his punch
His fist will eat your face for lunch

Pak-yow! (4x)

Everybody duck-the-rope
Duck-the-Rope (3x)

Everybody rope-a-dope
Rope-a-Dope (3x)


Manny Pacquiao is the king
King of all the Philippines
(Right Jab)
He can kick your ass
(Left Punch)
Take off your moustache

Pak-yow! (4x)

Look, I only have one hero in this world
Manny Pacquiao baby! Haha!

Who’s your coach? Freddie Roach (7x)

Who’s your coach? Huh? Ask yourself that question.

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