Missed You by Sam Concepcion

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I don’t know where the sun went
When you run away when my eyes can’t see you
You didn’t say goodbye
Pass me by so just I could see you
No oh…

One last time to tell you
That somehow I’ll miss you

But I’ve missed you
Can’t you see right through
I’m just put it off a mask to hide from you
I have missed you
But did you miss me too
‘Coz first to have to hear those words from you
so say you now please I’ve missed you

I hope and pray each day while you far away
That someday I’d see you
So forgotten you’ll be back
Now you’re back do I wanna see you
No oh…

Refrain II:
‘Coz you made me a stranger
That you don’t remember

Repeat Chorus

If you think I’ll stay forever
Think again ‘coz no not ever
I can only wait for so long
I can keep on holding on

Repeat Chorus

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  • Jovie

    imissedyoutoo sam..

  • Evez

    ganda talaga pakinggan yong song moh sam…..luv you!!!!heheheh

  • http://facebook lion-hearted+jhai2x

    good evening! (09-01-10) hello. i like this song.. so much. stay what you are.

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