I Don’t Want To Fall by Juris

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I know that I’m no longer considered young
But with this feeling it’s like teenage just began
I’ve gone through tough times
And I can say that I have grown

So I should be able to control
What’s going on
But no, this was not my intention
Oh no let’s just erase this connection cause I

I don’t want to fall for you
I’m scared that you just might fall for me too
I don’t want to feel for you
I’m scared that you just might feel for me too
Feel for me too… ooooh

You try too hard to hide the spark in your eyes
And I ignore it even if it excites me deep inside
‘Cause I’m strong and I know it’s wrong
And to each other we simply don’t belong

Repeat Refrain
Repeat Chorus 2x

Oooh this is dangerous
Let’s not be adventurous
This could change our lives
For the better
But, what if, for the worse?

I don’t want to fall for you

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  • http://yahoo dhyn

    ,.hehe ganda,..pro sna my chords.,,

  • nhoiz

    * ø .nga ! ganda ! parang si juris lang ..
    Hehe XD .. juk ! maka.totohanan naman yung kanta .. sarap pa.ulit.ulitin grabe !

  • aybee

    nice one juris..this really describes what we feel but need to hide it cause its wrong..

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